Urgent! All True Americans Please Respond

teaThere is a story circulating, that during the Korean War President Eisenhower toiled with the decision weather to bomb China or not. A grassroots campaign was begun by Americans who did not want the war to escalate towards our former Allies. Small bags of rice were sent to the President to ask for the food surplus in the US to be sent to China who was going through a great famine at that time.

Apparently this effort helped influence Eisenhower’s decision to not bomb China.

This story has never been verified, but In the spirit of this act, and in the spirit of the original Boston Tea Party, we propose a “Modern Day Tea Party.”

We propose that on Tuesday the 13th of August, 2013 that ALL patriotic Americans send a mailed correspondence with a copy of the DI-2 (Declaration of Independence 2 ) and the contents of a single tea bag to your regional Federal IRS offices. (There are usually two in every state.)

This is fitting because the IRS was used by the current U.S. Regime, to commit the most unconstitutional act against American citizens ever to date: the discrimination against conservative 501c applications. They drew “First Blood”.

Its simple to participate in this “civil disobedience” event:

  1. Find your regional IRS Office for your state, and address one envelope to that office.
  2. *Download and print a copy of this letter, we’ve named the DI-2 for “Declaration of Independence 2″
  3. Sign or initial the letter if you wish-(red ink is even better!)
  4. Empty the contents of a single tea bag into the envelope. Include the tea tag and the DI-2.
  5. Mail the envelope to your IRS office.

Henceforth, August 13, 2013 is to be known as the first “Tea Party Tuesday”.

Will we need more? Don’t touch that dial!

*Download and print as many copies as you need to assert your constitutional rights as free Americans.






Stockholm Syndrome Run Amok

Charlie's Girls: 2.0

Charlie’s Girls: 2.0

Well Said Michelle Malkin:

“Lesson learned: You can indoctrinate generations of American women in the ways of gender empowerment, but you can’t make a goodly portion of them think straight. Hormones trump basic human decency and good judgment in the crowded coven of sociopaths”. Read Michelle’s Full Article here.



Redneck Proud, by God


real rednecks

Photo Courtesy: Meanwhile, in the Sticks

I’m proud to be the prodigy of hard-working, strong willed, bad-as,s redneck coal miners- from Northern PA and West VA.

My grandmother told us stories of how she resorted to killing and eating rattlesnakes for supper in those days.

In the 1920 and 1930s, West Virginia coal miners banned together and organized to negotiate for better working conditions and higher pay.

They wore red bandannas around their necks. The term ‘Redneck’s was used to identify them.

If you want to be “Redneck Proud”, its going to take more than a raised up 4 wheeler and a case of crappy beer. Put on your “Big Boy Unnerwear” and Let’s Roll…

Molon Labe